Our service

Repair of machines and equipment

We repair all types of professional equipment:

  • Microwaves (Panasonic, Sharp, ...)
  • Induction cooker / wok (Berner, Electrolux, ...)
  • Dishwasher (Horbart, Winterhalter, ...)
  • Coffee machine (WMF, Faema, ...)
  • Etc ...

Borrowing equipment

We also offer our customers a loan service.

You can use it to test our devices or take them as a replacement if your devices are still being repaired.

Do you have interest? Please contact us!

Installation service

We can build an individual “cooking station” for them.

With our help, you can have a work surface adapted to your kitchen. You decide:

  • Which devices (e.g. induction cookers) should be installed?
  • How big should the work surface be?
  • Which height is best for you?

Do you have interest? Contact us!